Conference activities

We have a range of conference activities with the objective of:

1. Disseminating information at an international level across pharmacy practice researchers

2. Increasing the quality and quantity of pharmacy practice research

3. Establishing networks and enabling collaboration  on major themes for experienced researchers and higher degree students.


There will be a range of masterclasses delivered by international experts. 


Master Classes

1. Professor Charlie Benrimoj & Dr Victoria Garcia Cardenas: Research methodology for the implementation of Professional Services

2.Dr Charlotte Rossing & Gitte Rentlov Husted: Qualitative methodology in pharmacy practice research, methods and design

3. Professor Olivier Bugnon & Dr Clemence Perraudin: Economic evaluations supporting the implementation of a sustainable pharmacy service


4. Professor Kurt Hersberger & Isabelle Arnet: Adherence assessment tools and the development of interventions for the different 3 phases of adherence according to the ABC taxonomy.


5.  Professor Darrin Baines : Technology-enabled pharmacy: Understanding this new model of pharmacy practice.


6. Professor Carlos Antonio Bana e Costa & Associate Professor Monica Duarte Oliveira: Multicriteria Decision Analysis to support decision-making in health care


There will be two keynotes on advanced pharmacy practice research.


1. Professor Olaf Klungel: Introduction to propensity scores to control for confounding: application in pharmacy practice research.


2. Professor Marcel Bouvy:

Randomised Controlled Trials in Practice

Networking event

Networking activities are a vital part of any research. Attendants will be grouped according to their research areas and interests and end up with a research proposal. Join us to meet potential future research collaborators!

3-minute thesis

During the 3-minute thesis sessions, PhD students will present their thesis topics within 3 minutes, using a single PowerPoint slide. Participants must engage the audience putting into practice their academic, presentation, and research communication skills. This presentation will be followed by 2 minutes of questioning time. 


Presenters will also need to prepare a one-page handout explaining the research project.


30 abstracts will be selected to be presented in this session. 

Research presentations

During the research presentations, PhD students will present their research in 15 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of questioning time.


10 abstracts will be selected to be presented in this session.

research Posters

Authors selected for poster presentation will need to prepare a poster printed on one single large sheet.


Time slots for hanging up, being present and taking down your poster will be published on the congress website. Necessary materials for hanging the poster will be available in the exhibition area.


It is recommended that poster presenters produce handouts (maximum of one A4 pages) of the poster.