1st International Conference

FIP Pharmacy Practice Research: Postgraduate students, postdoctoral fellows and supervisors symposium

Conference Organised by the FIP Special Interest group (SIG) on pharmacy practice research

Pharmacy Practice Research (PPR)

The role of pharmacy practice research (PPR) has expanded in the past 50 years to encompass areas such as the clinical, behavioural, economic and humanistic implications of pharmacy practice. Furthermore, it is because PPR proves the value of pharmacy services that many of these are commissioned and paid for, and PPR will continue to influence the development of new services in the future.



The Conference

This conference aims to increase the quality

and quantity of pharmacy practice research by

exchanging and disseminating information at an

international level. New networks and collaborations

will be established on major themes for experienced researchers and higher degree students.


PhD students and their supervisors are invited to

this unique international conference to present their

work and to start building new global pharmacy

networks. Researchers, academics, professional

organisations and practitioners involved in research

are also invited.

Join us to

Present your research by submitting an abstract


Start building your own global pharmacy network


Establish collaborations on major themes in PPR


Help increase the quality and quantity of PPR globally